BIOA Practitioner Training

Welcome Practitioners

BIOA Practitioner Training

Welcome Practitioners


Training Introduction

Next Training : July 27, 2019

To allow everyone the best experience possible, we provide a hands on introduction to the preceding the live in person training.

This allows you to see your client or patient through the eyes of a BIOA Practitioner.

In these sessions before your live training, you will be introduced to some of our real clients or patients.  You will see their symptoms the way we saw their symptoms.

You will virtually participate in how we see a person's challenge before we start the assessment.  

You will see how we identify certain behaviors that make up different parts of the puzzle,  then, you will see how we fit the pieces together to create a dynamic flow that will lead us into a treatment plan to help our client or patient improve.

Case 1

 Click the link below to go to your first introductory project. 

Link to Case 1