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Hidden Emotions

Looking inside Depression

An editor for a major, global magazine and two of her writers had scheduled an appoint to interview me at my office in Carlsbad California.

We started the interview and within minutes, I saw through her facade and saw a face full of pain and what seemed to me to be copious amount of hidden painful emotions.

Remember, a smile is a universal language just as the vibrato in one's voice.

Part one of today's discussion is to look through the obvious and see ones internal challenges.

Not so Hidden emotions

A patient / client steps into your office complaining of depression.

In this project, I want you to see behind the challenge to the cause of the challenge then the root of the challenge.

Most often, your patient / client doesn't know  the history of the challenge yet, behind their face, behind their words, inside their body language there is a world of information that will make your job so much easier.

Case 1 / Step 1